Types of Home Loan Available for You in Malaysia

Financial products and services are comprehensively tailored for the customers’ and the economy’s needs. If you are an interested buyer of a property and you wish to secure funds to aid expenses arising from home acquisition, a hunt for the best home loan product extended by a reputable bank or another financial institution is one huge step forward to that goal.

Bank-hopping is the easiest way to procure information about prevailing home loan programs and interest rates that come along with them. By doing so, you will also find out your home loan eligibility through debt-to-service ratio (DSR) metric calculated by these financing institutions.

However, do take note that lower interest rates are not a guarantee of a friendly amount of monthly amortization and lump sums. In Malaysia, most mortgage products have variable interest rates, which means that they fluctuate and are affected by the market’s movement via base lending rates.

Once your loan application bears a lower transaction risk from the banks’ perspective, you will now proceed to identify the most suitable home loan type for you. Here is the list of selections to guide you through:

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